JCC web adhesives are hot melt adhesives produced in non-woven form. It can be conveniently operated by continuous or intermittent processes. It has excellent resistance to water washing, dry cleaning, high/low temperature, it also has good breathability, soft hand touching, strong adhesion, high viscosity.


1) Automotive Interior (Roof/Head-liner, Seat cover, Cushion, Sun Visor, Thermal &Acoustic Insulation material, Air Filter, Carpet, etc。)

2) Home Textiles (Curtains, Tablecloths, Bedspreads, Mattresses, Pillowcases, etc.)

3) Garment & Luggage industry (Gloves, Bags, Fabrics, Artificial Leather, Shoe Materials, Luggage Lining, Intermediate lining and Supporting Materials, Clothing linings, Warm Wadding, Outerwear, Underwear, etc.)

4) Medical Non-woven Fabrics (Surgical Gown, Caps, Masks,  Mattresses, Bactericidal Curtains, Wet Towels, etc.)

5) Furniture (Wood &Plywood Lamination, Cardboard, Fiber Splint, Fabric & Foam Lamination)

6) Sound &Thermal Insulation (multi-layer FRP Fabric, Metal Panel, Aluminum Foil Material, Various Foams)

7) Filter Materials (Air Filter, Activated Carbon Non-woven, Activated Carbon Cotton, Activated Carbon Mask, Activated Carbon Filter, etc.)

Technical Data

Item W120 W106


W95 W200 W380 W125 W135 W165 W90 W130 W125FR W80 W105
Melting Point 115-130 95-115 110-130 85-105 95-120 115-135 110-130 115-135 135-155 80-92 115-130 110-130 65-85 115-135
Press Temperature 140 140 140 130 140 150 140 140 160 130 150 140 130 140
Gram Weight 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 6-100 15-100 15-70
Washing Resistance Acceptable Excellent Acceptable Excellent
Application Automotive interior, home textiles, garment accessories, bags, furniture& woods, filter materials



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